Carlton V. Metts, Interim Executive Director

Bryan Hoover – See the 21st Century MSU Coordinator
Ext: 241
Telephone: 828.478.2135
WATS Line: 800.662.7401
Fax: 828.478.4419

Beth Turneabe – Accountant

Keisha Ramseur – Camp and Retreat Director

Tammy Thomas – Food Service and Property Manager


President – George Suggs
First Vice-President – Sandy Scarlett
Second Vice-President – Chris Headley
Secretary – Johnny Berry
Treasurer – Skippy Jackson
Council Chairperson – Gary Steele
Immediate Past President – Charles Holleman

State Chairs

Budget & Finance: Steve Walker
Constitution & By-Laws: Dale Dupree
Camp Dogwood: Wayne Faber
Camp Dogwood Policies & Programs: Chris Headley
Camp Dogwood Off-Season Usage Committee: Jana Peedin
Clinical Eye Research: Bob Sprinkle
Endowments: Howard Wallace
Brighter Visions: John Owens
Properties: Richard Rogers
Public Information: Paul Bledsoe
Sight & Hearing: Ron Kelly
Fellowship & Partners: Keith Peedin
Volunteers: Marti & Don Henry
Investments: Skippy Jackson
Boys & Girls Home: Judy Headley
Campus Clubs: Liz Steele
Celebrate Liberty: Michael Schwartz
Diabetes Awareness: Judy Jackson
GLT MD-31 Coordinator: Tim Williams
GMT MD-31 Coordinator: Vince Schimmoller
LCF MD-31 Coordinator: Ron Kelly
History: Ron Beltran
Information & Technology: David Shimberg
LEO: Liz Steele
Nominating: Carlton Metts
Promotions: Laraine Dupree
State Convention: Harriet Walton

Board of Directors

District 31-L
Curtis Erickson – Alan Lake – Leon Pryor
District 31-I
George Culp – Carolyn Sprinkle – Jimmy Myers
District 31-O
Karl Ernst – Susan Dailey – Paul Silverman
District 31-N
Don Eggert – Rahim Shomari – David Cox
District 31-S
Stephen McLaurin – Nathan Medlin – Mark Bateman